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Four Financial Planning Challenges Faced by Divorced Women

Financial planning is rarely simple, but the challenges faced by divorced women make it even more complicated. Moreover, for perhaps the first time in many years, you are making difficult decisions completely on your own, without your previous sounding board. Still, you need to address these challenges. Let’s dig deeper into each of these four issues. The House: Keep or Downsize? This is often one of the most painful decisions. For some, the house can be a source of pride and it may have a web of emotion attached; after all, this is where you raised your family. Unfortunately, the family house can be a noose around your neck. Cash flow must come first, even before the house. If you find that

Four Ways to Catch Up on Saving for Retirement

Life goes by fast. When you’re nearing the end of your career, it can seem as if you just started. Especially if you’re behind on saving for retirement. When your net worth is staring you in the face and you’re contemplating retirement, that piece of paper can be pretty depressing if it doesn’t measure up. Years have flown by and you’ve had a good time, but now the truth of your neglect is coming due. Early Career Investing Playbook Ideally, you should have been planning for retirement soon after you started your career. Early in your career, you should have: Matched your employer’s 401(k) contribution at the minimum and maxed out your annual contribution if possible. Maxed out annual contri

Make Your Money Last in a 2% World

Retirement investing used to be so simple. Retire at 65, buy bonds and live off the interest until you died, which was probably in about five to 10 years. Just set it and forget it. Things have changed. Investment grade bonds no longer yield 8%. Today a 10-year Treasury bond gets you about 2.3%. Unfortunately, you probably can’t live off a 2.3% yield unless you’re worth several million. That’s just the start of today’s complications. Ironically, increasing longevity makes it harder and harder to fund a lifetime of income. The longer you live, the more money you need. Forget Living Off the Interest The reality is the idea of living off the interest is gone; maybe not forever, but certainly fo

Your After-Divorce Checklist of Must-Do’s

After going through a messy divorce (aren’t they all to some extent?), the last thing you want to do is mess with another bunch of administrative tasks. But wait, there’s more to do. This to-do list may be one of the most important you ever tackle. Why? Because it’s the ultimate irony. Don’t make these changes and your ex can get everything you own upon your death. You wouldn’t want that, right? So, let’s get started. 1. Divorce Your Ex-Husband Financially Any disagreements here? This list is one of the first things you should do, not long after the ink dries on the decree. Close any joint credit accounts. Change the name on all your accounts. Your name is on, his name off. While it may be

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