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Re-Starting Your Life After Divorce

The divorce is done and you’ve got your situation settled, as least as well as it can be for now. Life is still a whirlwind of change, but there are pockets of time when you can get a moment to think.

Now what? Re-start your life. Think about your priorities, what you really want from life. Without a spouse, you now have the opportunity to re-create your life, even if you still have kids at home.

What did you always want to do, but couldn’t, because of him? Maybe some close relationships? Perhaps travel? A hobby? Maybe there’s a class or another type of learning experience?

You may still face plenty of responsibilities, but you may still be able to start on your bucket list with a little creative juggling.

Give this some real thought, you may be surprised at the possibilities you uncover.

On the other hand, many find such self-examination to be a very daunting exercise, particularly if you’ve always been the type to take care of everyone in the family. You can still take care of your loved ones and do some special things for yourself once in awhile.

If You Find it Difficult to Picture Your Future, Consider These Questions:

  • If a doctor said you have six years to live, what would you do?

  • If a doctor said you have six months to live, what would you make sure you did, and in what order?

  • Today, if a doctor said you have six hours to live, what would be your biggest regrets?

These questions may help you focus on what’s really important to you. Whatever your passions, think about how you would like to live out your future. Then figure what those pursuits cost and see if they can fit in with your schedule and your budget.

Life can be so harried that we don’t stop for a moment to re-evaluate. Step off the treadmill for a bit and give this some thought; it’s your life.


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